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Tuning car stickers for your vehicle

August 10, 2021 4 min read

Product information about the sticker

  • Use of only high-quality adhesive foils
  • easy to apply (in one piece) with transfer tape
  • free-standing motifs without background film
  • free-standing fonts and logos on individual request:
  • After gluing, you can see the background between the letter or motif parts - indoor and outdoor use
  • Color and effect selection
  • Adhesion to all smooth, clean surfaces such as paint, glass, plastic, tiles, metal and much more.
  • simple gluing instructions incl. background pre-treatment included in the scope of delivery

We only use high-quality adhesive films from well-known manufacturers so that you get the best product and will enjoy it for a long time. Your desired text will be punched or cut out of the self-adhesive film. The excess adhesive film around the motif as well as the interior areas are removed. Only your text remains. This sticks to the mounting foil. Your text will then be covered with the mounting foil. With the help of this you can glue the letters as a sticker (in one piece). Before bonding, the surface must be cleaned or free of dust and grease.

The bonding itself is easy to explain in the following three steps:

  1. Remove the text from the assembly paper
  2. Glue the text in one piece to the desired position
  3. Strike down the sticker/text and then carefully detach the mounting film

Detailed gluing instructions with detailed steps are included in the scope of delivery. After gluing, you only see the text. There is no background foil. Between the text you can see the background to be glued. Our adhesive foils stick to all smooth and clean surfaces such as paintwork, glass, plastic, tiles, metal, etc. There are different adhesive foils, there is the right one for every purpose.

Stickers for the windshield

Young people in particular, who like to take care of their cars a lot, also like to equip their cars with a few embellishments. This includes not only spoilers, lowering and wide tires on beautiful alloy wheels. You can also conjure up some accents on the paintwork with oilslick paint and stylish stickers.

In the tuning scene are especially Tribal stickers, flames and similar motifs are extremely popular. These are already available in stores as a complete set. It is then finished sticker made of high-quality foil , which can be purchased already cut out on the mounting paper. These stickers are mostly white or black. But stickers in other colors are also available, but this does not necessarily correspond to the standard.

If you like it a little more extravagant, you can have your sticker made individually. This is mainly in trade or im sticker shop possible. The trade consists, among other things, of suppliers of stickers, copy shops and advertising agencies. Here you can present your own template.

The provider then decides whether this is feasible or not based on the template that the customer brings with him. Changes may be made that are at least very similar to the customer's original.

At sticker shops in Internet it's just as easy. On the one hand, the customer is offered numerous templates here. On the other hand, it is also possible to upload your own files and then have them made as stickers and thus make your own create stickers. However, before the implementation begins, we discuss with the customer again whether changes need to be made to the sticker or not. Only when the customer is completely satisfied does the sticker go into production.

He will then post delivered directly to the customer. Detailed and easy-to-understand instructions for mounting the sticker are always included. In this way, nothing stands in the way of the new sticker on the car.

They are getting stronger and stronger windshield sticker and rear window sticker. Motifs are usually used here because they can be drawn over the entire length of the windscreen, but do not require much space in height. And that's what matters windshield sticker now very carefully. Because the windshield sticker must not impair the field of vision in any way.

It may have a maximum height of 15 cm, which corresponds to the height of a normal anti-glare strip in the windscreen. In addition to the universally popular lettering that can advertise companies, clubs and associations, motifs are of course also very popular.

Even the glare strips, which are already present in some windscreens from the factory, can be reproduced with a windscreen sticker. Glare strips of this type are particularly attractive if they are kept in the same color as the paintwork of the vehicle.

The mounting of the windscreen sticker is not a problem in itself. The only problem that could arise is that the windscreen is very wide. Under certain circumstances, it could be difficult to actually reach the middle of the windscreen. Otherwise, there is not much to consider during assembly. It is important that the windscreen is cleaned. For optimal adhesion of the sticker, you can work with a washing-up liquid solution. This is sprayed onto the windscreen and onto the self-adhesive side of the sticker. This makes it possible to correct the position of the sticker even after it has been placed on the pane. Then the liquid is simply spread out with a squeegee, starting from the middle.
Daniel Reichert
Daniel Reichert