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6 steps to a successful caliper painting: A guide for DIY mechanics

6 Schritte zum erfolgreichen Bremssattel-Lackieren: Eine Anleitung für DIY-Mechaniker - Bremssattel-Aufkleber

The brake calipers in our cars are subject to constant wear and tear. The heat, humidity and wear from brake pads can cause calipers to become unsightly and even rust. One way to counteract this problem is to paint the calipers. In this article we are going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to paint your calipers yourself.

  1. Preparation: First of all, you should put your car on a flat surface and unscrew the wheels. Remove the calipers from the wheels and thoroughly clean them of dirt, oil and old paint. It is best to use a brake cleaner for this.

  2. Sanding: In order to prepare the surface for the new paintwork, the brake calipers must be sanded. Use fine sandpaper (e.g. 600 grit). Sand the saddles until all of the old paint is removed, leaving a matte finish.

  3. Clean: After grinding, the saddles should be cleaned thoroughly to remove dust and abrasion. This can be done with a detergent or by rinsing with soap and water.

  4. Priming: Before the actual painting begins, the brake calipers must be primed. In this way, better adhesion of the paint is achieved. To do this, use a suitable anti-rust primer and apply it evenly.

  5. Painting: After the primer has dried, you can start painting. To do this, use a high-quality brake spray or a sprayable paint. Apply several layers until the desired color intensity is reached.

  6. Drying: After painting, the calipers should dry completely. It is best to let them dry overnight before remounting them.

Quality brake caliper paint and matching brake caliper stickers can be a simple and cost effective way to refresh your brake calipers and give your car a new look. If you want to buy the high quality caliper paint and decals, we recommend visiting our online store . There you will find a wide range of products at affordable prices.

In summary, painting the calipers can be an effective way to improve the look of your car while providing protection against rust and wear. However, it is important to ensure that you are using quality products and the manufacturer's instructions, and to take any legal requirements into account.

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